Electronic Signature in Salesforce

  1. We can get you setup with electronic signature process integrated with your Salesforce.
  2. Electronic signature allows you send a document via email and the recipient can then click and sign that agreement online and that signed version is updated and attached back in Salesforce.
  3. Benefits of using electronic signature:
    1. Faster signing of documents. It is much easier and faster for people to receive an email, click a link, fill in their name to sign and click I agree button. Then have that automatically communicated and sent back to you. Rather than print and mail or fax or try to sign a PDF then save and attach back to an email, then the sales rep needs to download the attachment and attach to Salesforce.
    2. Less paper. Stop killing more trees. Don’t need to store paper.
  4. Electronic signature is getting more and more popular and normal. People are starting to not own a printer. Our culture is pushing for paperless society for all the benefits. It makes a lot of sense.
  5. Electronic signature is just as legal as a real signature.
  6. We can set up electronic signature processes like getting multi level signatures.
  7. We can also generate your agreements from templates automatically with are document generation service to then send that auto generated document for electronic signature.
  8. Options for implementing Electronic Signature:
    1. DocuSign is probably the biggest in the industry for providing electronic signature platform. You can setup some basic templates with DocuSign and also even create fields that need to be filled in during the signing process. Or use Conga to generate a document and auto send for DocuSign signature. You can set up counter signatures, auto reminders for unsigned documents, and more. A common improvement we often make is to create a trigger to update a value of a record like an Opportunity Stage to “Closed Won” after a document has been signed by the customer to automate the process which is not included as a feature in docusign.
    2. EchoSign has similar features as Docusign and also integrates with Conga. It is made by Adobe which is a very large and established company.
    3. There are many other signature apps and all worth considering and often need to check what is the latest and greatest. Also some apps provide esignature as part of their features but offer much more than just that like Kugomon.
    4. FormAssembly is a form generation app that allows you to quickly create website forms and embed them or have them hosted and integrates to Salesforce. Its not sold or advertised as an esignature solution, but can be used as one where you get a person to fill out a form with the agreement information and “Accept” the form and update the Salesforce record. You can get your own FormAssembly account for $45/month or you can use RS Forms built on FormAssembly platform for $5/month.
    5. You may also implement a custom esignature solution as we have done for many clients where an app does not fit the needs or desires exactly. A custom solution allows you to fully control the process, look and feel of the signature process. One downside to using the apps is their branding and name is all over the place. The process of signing a document is not super streamlined and a custom solution could allow for that better. A custom solution usually includes a process of emailing a unique link to a customer to sign a document, and that link goes to your internal website with a web page that dynamically displays the agreement/contract with the data dynamically populated in any design you wish, and a text box to fill their name and any other fields they must fill and a checkbox that they agree or just a button. Clicking that then signs the documents and updates the Salesforce record. With a custom solution you can also include a payment step with credit card for example.